Simply Raymond by Simply Raymond For all but the shyest of wallflowers, moving to music is a natural human response. But what is it about a catchy tune, such as Nobody Better, that makes us groove? I have figured out at least a part of the ingredients: just the right mix of regular rhythms and unexpected beats such as what you find on Simply Raymond. I have come to this conclusion with the help of all of the young people who just don’t like the music that is being fed to them on today’s #Iheart networks.  Syncopation, such as those found in ‘funk music’, things like off-beats or missing beats break the music’s rhythmic structure.  If you are like the rest of us, you will be dancing to the grooves on Simply Raymond in no time at all. My moderate amounts of syncopation will invite you to dance. Get your copy on this site, today!

Before you do ANYTHING else remember FIRST that  “Mr. Raymond Coats, Sr is “THAT SILKY,SILKY, SOUL-SINGER” of whom Frankie Beverly sang! His band, 

The Cool Drift Band consists of:

  • Raymond Coats – Vocalist, Mike “Spiderman” Robinson – keyboards, Armann Robb –  Guitarist,  Martin Holland - Bass and Kelly “Stix” Purdy – Drums
Ray CRAYMOND COATS – Vocalist - is a seasoned, versatile entertainer with over 25 years of experience in the music and performance arena. His repertoire runs the gamut from his original hits to R&B, Motown, Jazz, Blues and Standards.  He is a magnetic singer with excellent range and a commanding stage presence as well as audience charm. Raymond has performed in numerous venues including weddings, festivals, county fairs, parties and has been the featured performer on many other shows and at different venues. Simply Raymond was  produced by Tony Saunders son of the late, great Merl Saunders. Martin Holland2                  MARTY HOLLAND  – Bass has been Performing worldwide for many years. Known for his skill and versatility within a large range of musical genres on instruments ranging from acoustic bass (stand-up), fret less electric bass to six string and eight string basses . Martin has performed wonderfully over  the years. Armann2 ARMANN ROBB - Guitar has Studied Music Harmony at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA and currently Lives in Sacramento, California   Kelly Purdy  

KELLY “STIX” PURDY - Drummer.  I started playing for a small church in Vallejo, CA. I have been playing ever since. Among my favorite drummers are Harvey Mason, Billy Cobham and Lenny White, and the list goes on and on. I had my share of playing in numerous of groups. Such Devious, The Bay Area Blues Society’s Caravan of All Stars! I had the pleasure of playing with Guitar Mac, I sat down and played with Mr. Waymon Tisdale, Mr Larry Graham, Mr Nate Owens(Motown soul review band) Mr Dwayne Patton(Patton Leatha band) John Lee Hooker, Jr…l love to play: R&B, smooth jazz, gospel….and the play list goes on & on. My name is Kelly D. Purdy A.K.A Stixz…

Mike-Spiderman-Robinson2MIKE “SPIDERMAN” ROBINSON - Multi-platinum keyboardist, writer, arranger, producer, band leader, 2003 blues keyboard player of the Year Keyboards on the R&B Classic “Very Special” by Debra Laws, keyboards on the platinum hit “All I Have” by Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J, Local favorite on the Wedding circuit Spiderman has perform for hundreds of weddings leaving hundreds of satisfied customers. Tours with John Lee Hooker Jr, Kenny Neal, Joe Louis walker, Cameo, Frankie Beverly and Maze, ConFunkSun, GQ,           
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