I have been performing in the SF Bay Area for over 20 years. The band consists of a five-piece rhythm section and we marketed ourselves as a “T.C.D.T.” (The Cool Drift Team) because we play various genres of music. The instrumentation consists of keyboards, Drums, Bass, guitar and vocals. We re-invent ourselves depending on the venue / event played. In essence, we can play as a 3, 4 or 5 piece band or more, depending your needs.
I am available for Public & Private engagements, including but not limited to Birthday, Retirement, High School Reunions, weddings etc.. The music played consists of “fun & high energy” originals, Jazz, Blues and R&B.
Professional References are available.
RAYMOND COATS SATISFIES YOUR ENTERTAINMENT NEEDS!  Just call him! (415) 240-3200 or  raycoatspublishing@gmail.com  Continue to check out the rest of his site & social media pages Ray Coats Music   –  www.twitter.com/Rcoats24 see who you know in common, what shared interests you have, etc. Learn what he’s into & see where you align. Who knows, maybe that Urban Contemporary Adult (Classic Soul) sound is just what you’ve been looking for to make your venue/event something very special. The funky-music  that you will find on Simply Raymond will take you places.  Syncopation, such as that found in ‘funk music’, things like off-beats or missing beats break the music’s rhythmic structure.  If you are like the rest of us, you will be dancing to the grooves on Simply Raymond in no time at all. My moderate amounts of syncopation will invite you to dance. Get your copy on this site, today!

Before you do ANYTHING else remember FIRST that Mr. Raymond Coats, Sr is “THAT SILKY,SILKY, SOUL-SINGER” of whom Frankie Beverly sang!

RAYMOND COATS – Vocalist - is a seasoned, versatile entertainer with over 25 years of experience in the music and performance arena. His repertoire runs the gamut from his original hits to R&B, Motown, Jazz, Blues and Standards.  He is a magnetic singer with excellent range and a commanding stage presence as well as audience charm. Raymond has performed in numerous venues including weddings, festivals, county fairs, parties and has been the featured performer on many other shows and at different venues. Simply Raymond was  produced by Tony Saunders son of the late, great Merl Saunders.


Doing that Urban Adult Contemporary thang at The Cajun & blues Festival!